About Me

“I provide literacy education, writing coaching, creative voice, and the kind of editing that will help bring your vision to life.”

Meet Dr. Suzan Thompson

Ever since I’ve known myself, I have loved to read and write. I was blessed to grow up in a text-rich environment, in which I was never without books. I was into writing books even as a teenager. I wrote my first series of unpublished stories, “Kenridge City,” when I was in the 7th grade. It was my pleasure to distribute these stories to my teenage friends at the time. Eventually, I did write my first published novel, You Can Begin Again: One Woman’s Journey from the Abyss to the Promise, in 2016. I remember my 9th grade teacher telling me that I had a knack for editing—this notion stayed with me for years. Being an English Major in college and then going on to become a certified English teacher in the public schools and online for a cumulative 16 years, have only increased my love for writing. 

For the past eight years I have focused mainly on teaching online and coaching students; in fact, I manage a writing club made up of both adults and teenagers, who share a passion for the art of writing. Additionally, I’ve been a freelance editor, helping writers bring clarity to their work for several years. I currently hold a PhD-Ed with a specialty in E-learning, and have gone through the rigors of higher education; my experience has given me greater insight into the doctoral dissertation process. Beyond my accomplishments, my greatest loves are my husband and three sons who keep me motivated to do what I do. I wear many hats, but amidst all that I do, it is my great honor to be able to help to guide you through your writing, wherever you are on your journey.

Suzan Thompson’s impeccable editorial skills, combined with her excellent writing ability, are evident in every assignment she undertakes. Her mastery of the English language, broad knowledge base, and eye for detail guarantee that finished products are accurate, stylistically appropriate, and worthy of publication.”

–Davina McDonald, NY

My Skills

My extensive experience with various genres to include fiction, non-fiction, and academic content, allows me to provide the kind of editing that fits your need. I can help you perfect your text, strengthen your prose, and ensure consistency of style.

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