Standard Pricing

Pricing Details for Editing Services

Types of Editing

Light – Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling, Style
Medium – Punctuation, Grammar, Some Rewriting, Style
Heavy – Punctuation, Grammar, Extensive Rewriting, Reorganizing, Style
This estimate is based on 250 words per page. Please note that it may not match the editing level that the editor determines in the first consultation.


Editing Fees 

We charge at a flat hourly rate of $40 per hour for editing. Rates increase depending on the type of editing needed and the number of pages. One page is considered 250 words double-spaced, based on industry standards. 

  • Light edit (copy edit): 7-10 pgs. / hr. (For example, at 10 pgs./hr. for a manuscript that contains 100 pages, the fee would be $400 for that project) 
  • Medium edit (substantive edit): 4-6 pgs. / hr. (For example, at 6 pgs./hr. for a manuscript of 100 pages, divide 100 by 6 gives you the number of hours, then multiply the hours by 40; your fee is approx. $670)
  • Heavy edit (developmental edit): 1-3 pgs. / hr.—For example, at an hourly rate of 1 page per hour for a 100-page manuscript, that is $4000 even at the same rate, it’s just more hours because the work takes longer at 100 hours. 

Proofreading (fee-$35 hourly) is usually the final stage after all edits have occurred: 11-15 pgs./hr.  

Citing and Referencing Sources

We can check the accuracy of your citations. For this work, which can be very time consuming, we charge $45/hour.

Forewords and Author Pages

Pages not already included in the manuscript before the original assessment of fees may incur an additional charge. A separate fee will be charged based on the level of editing needed per page.

Custom Jobs

As a small editing firm, we are able to meet a broad range of customer needs; so, if you have any specific requirements, please inquire.

Rush Jobs 

Once you confirm that you want us to proceed with your project, for jobs under 10,000 words, we usually guarantee that the edited work will be returned in 5 to 6 days. If you require a faster turnaround, we can usually accommodate rush jobs. We charge the following surcharges for rush deliveries:

Within four days: Surcharge of 30%
Within three days: Surcharge of 40%
Within two days: Surcharge of 50%
Within one day: Make inquiry

Minimum Job

We accept small jobs but have a minimum order fee of $50 for works that are 1,000 words or less.

We Work with Our Clients

At ZanScrit, we try to work with clients and their financial situations. Because we are a small firm, we can work with clients to offer them the best value. Therefore, we are willing to consider working within your budget, where pricing is still reasonable.

Payment Methods

ZanScrit accepts payment via PayPal and Zelle for the time being. For clients with a US bank account we can offer bank-to-bank transfers, referred to as mobile or email transfers, with some banks. 

As professionals, ZanScrit can help you produce a text that is lean, clear, and highly readable both to native English speakers and to non-native English speakers.



“I remember how difficult it was for me to get through my first few courses in college. Suzan helped me to understand writing concepts that allowed me to work independently on my papers. The way she broke things down for me, really alleviated a lot of my frustrations. What Suzan gave me is a gift that keeps on giving, as now I have the skills to work with my own kids as they take courses online during this pandemic.”

-Kamaria Hall, Connecticut.

"Suzan Thompson’s impeccable editorial skills, combined with her excellent writing ability, are evident in every assignment she undertakes. Her mastery of the English language, broad knowledge base, and eye for detail guarantee that finished products are accurate, stylistically appropriate, and worthy of publication."

–Davina McDonald, NY

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